I got the idea to make my pipad from a "Make:" magazine article, volume 38. Here is a link to the "Make:" magazine article by: Michael Castor:


I thought that his blog post had more information and better pictures than the magazine article. You can find it here: http://mkcastor.com/2014/01/02/pipad-build/

I decided to use my 3D printer to make my case. I have a prusa i3 3D printer with a 200mmX200mmX200mm build platform. The case was too big to fit on my 3D printer so I made it in two pieces.

Parts List

  1. Raspberry pi
  2. 10.1 lcd. with hdmi to lvdc scaler
  3. 10000ma hour battery
  4. USB hub
  5. Headphone jack both ends
  6. USB extender
  7. Ribbon cable
  8. Latching push button switch from Sparkfun
  9. Ethernet connector
  10. SD card 4g or bigger
  11. Micro usb board from Sparkfun
  12. WiFi connector from Adafruit - on the Adafruit site search Raspberry Pi WiFi extender

Tools Required

  1. 3D printer
  2. Soldering iron
  3. Small hand tools

Problems I Encountered and How I Fixed Them

  1. Some of the parts did not fit so I had to manually enlarge some of the holes
  2. The power did not just plug in, I had to solder it to the bottom of the converter for the LCD display

What I Would Do Different Next Time

  1. Make some of the holes bigger in the STL file
  2. I would strip the battery as skinny as possible because it's so thick therefore it requires the case it too be tall and bulky
  3. I would take the Ethernet out so that the STL file has the ability to be skinner

Links to the 3D Printer Files


_DSC0010_1_.JPG _DSC0037_1_.JPG

any questions just leave a comment.